Nokia Bots

Nokia Bots Beta for Symbian^3 1.8.1

Help your phone learn more about you


  • Learns from your phone behavior
  • Brings most relevant information to your home screen


  • Lack of options and settings


Nokia Bots is an interesting set of tools that learn from what you do on your phone, to automatically adjust settings to suit your use.

For example, the Alarm Bot within Nokia Bots monitors what time you normally set your alarm for, then suggests alarms and home screen profiles based on the information that it monitors. This helps to ensure you don't forget to set the alarm and change profile states at certain times.

Other bots included within Nokia Bots include Contacts Bot, which adds shortcuts to the people you call the most onto your home screen. There's also Profile Bot, Shortut Bot and Battery Bot, all of which help make using your phone more convenient.

Nokia Bots requires a bit of patience from you before you really start to notice the benefits. For example, the Alarm and Profile Bots can take a few days to learn your habits and make suggestions for you. It's frustrating how you're not able to speed up the learning process by tinkering with Nokia Bots' settings.

Yet another innovative utility to come out of Nokia Beta Labs, Nokia Bots helps you make a more useful and relevant home screen on your Symbian phone.

Nokia Bots


Nokia Bots Beta for Symbian^3 1.8.1

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